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Free Inspection and Examination Of all Raid drives

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No up charge for Weekend, Evening or Holiday Service for server raid array recovery

Data Recovery Services and Raid Array DATA RECOVERY Process starts immediately upon receipt of your drives

Most Data Recovery Services and Raid Array data recovery cases are completed in 24-36 hours of receipt of the drives. This includes Hybrid Raid Arrays data recovery cases.<

We are HIPAA Compliant and exceed HIPAA requirements for data security. Each Clients case is assigned to its own recovery hardware and software and all data and forensic images are stored on individual hard drives. No Client Data is stored on Servers or any Internet connected device. Our client’s data Security and Confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Data Management has become a crucial part of every Corporation and small Businesses infrastructure. A comprehensive Data Management Plan should define how the data will be archived and stored and who will have access to the data. These are the most import parts of a Data Plan as approximately 44% of all Data Loss is a result of Hardware Malfunctions or Failure and about 32% of Data Loss or Corruption is a result of human error. The most critical part of preventing a Data loss Disaster is implementing the proper data storage devices needed for your business needs.

Your data storage devices may include off site Cloud Storage, NAS (Network Attached Storage) data Storage, External or Internal HDD data storage or Sever Storage utilizing Raid Array Volumes. The best prevention of a data loss disaster is to have current multiple backups of your data. In the event that you do have a mechanical or software failure of one of your storage devices, DO NOT attempt any type of recovery, repair or Raid rebuild without a having a current and complete copy of your data. Your best course of action is to shut the Storage device down to prevent any further loss or corruption of your data. Call US Data Recovery and speak to one of our techs concerning the safest method of data recovery for your specific device.

US Data Recovery provides Forensic Raid Server HDD Imaging and eDiscovery for Law Enforcement, Legal Firms, Corporations, Business and private individuals for Criminal and Civil litigations. We provide Forensic imaging and eDiscovery with certified MD5, SHD1 and SHD 256 hashes for all electronic data storage devices including: Raid Server Hard Drives, SATA Hdds, SAS Hdds, SCSI Hdds, IDE, Hdd and SSD Drives. We also provide eDiscovery and Forensic Imaging for External HDDs, SAN Storage Servers, NAS raid Servers, DAS Storage Servers, Raid Arrays, Flash USB storage, IPhone and Android phones and DVR Surveillance hard drives.


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US Data Recovery provides raid array data recovery and hard drive data recovery services wworldwide.  We provide Worldwide Raid array  data recovery for external hard drives, usb flash drives, raid hard drives, macintosh drives and  Nas hard drives recovery.



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